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DEF Diesel
Exhaust Fluid

New Challenges for Storage & Dispensing

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is the first completely new fluid for vehicles in nearly fifty years and has created new challenges for storage and dispensing. The diesel exhaust fluid is injected into the exhaust system. Its urea component vaporizes and creates carbon dioxide and ammonia. Ammonia will “catalytically reduce” the amount of nitrogen oxides, turning it into regular nitrogen and water before being released through the exhaust steam.

DEF Solutions for Diesel Vehicles

New diesel vehicles are equipped with separate storage tanks for DEF. Since its introduction bulk storage volume needs have continually risen due to more and more new vehicles with diesel fuel are using DEF requiring upgrades in equipment and tanks. Vehicle markets requiring the use of DEF has expanded over the years and now includes virtually anything that uses diesel fuel. These markets now include On Road, Off Road Construction, Marine as well as Farm Equipment.

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Customized to Suit Your Needs

  • DEF needs to be carefully handled so the fluid does not become contaminated and no longer useable.
  • Outdoor storage tanks require temperature control as it is a product that will freeze at colder temperatures.
  • Our systems can be interconnected with existing Fluid Inventory Management systems or we can supply a complete system.

Please contact our team so we can provide the best equipment to suit your individual needs.