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RSL bench and bulk storage tanks with Samson equipment can be customized to meet your needs in even the most rugged working environment. With more and more new and innovative products being launched our fully configurable tanks can be customized to meet your demands.
Get in touch with one of our experts today and we will design and build the perfect solution for your needs.

Bench Tanks

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High Density Polyethylene Tanks

  • EWS Cubet Tanks
  • Rhino Tuff Tanks
  • Space Saver Steel Tanks
  • EWS Cubet Tanks, sold throughout North America, are made of high-density food grade polyethylene and are ULC listed. Our gravity feed cubet tanks, available in 265, 460, 550 and 870 litre sizes can be used individually or configured in a number of stackable, space saving configurations that allow for clean and safe dispensing of bulk lubricants and other compatible fluids.

    Our easy to assemble gravity feed systems come complete with tank stand, dispense kits and drip trays and frame.

    Larger Cubet tanks available in 550, 870 and 1250 litre sizes can be configured with a variety of pneumatic lube equipment options, specific to your shop needs. Configurations can also include secondary containment dykes or heavy duty castors for portable use.

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  • ULC listed Rhino Tuff Tanks are available in gravity dispense or with pumping systems supplied to meet requirements.

    Gravity Dispense systems are available 6 capacities with multiple package combinations.

    Tanks can be stacked up to 4 high on a single stand depending on tank sizes.

    Tank packages with pumps, reels and dispense handles can also be stacked with multiple combinations available.

    Contact our RSL team to determine the Cubet that is right for you.

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  • Our space saving Rectangular Tank packages are more compact than oval tanks and bench tanks and ideal for shops looking to maximize their floor space.

    These ULC listed tanks are available in both single wall and double wall versions and are a safe bulk oil storage solution in capacities ranging from 450 to 2200 litres.  These tanks are ideal for placement in a fluid storage room to give maximum capacity in minimum space.

    Available with a wide array of Samson Lubrication equipment, tank packages will arrive fully assembled. Gravity feed options are available.

    Our standard Windshield Wash Fluid Bulk Storage Systems includes a 115 V Electric Pump or Air Operated Diaphragm Pump. Our Bulk Fluid Storage Tanks are available in capacity to suit your needs from 625 L to 1135 L.

    Bulk Storage Systems come standard with a ⅜” x 25’ Coiled Dispense Hose and Dispense Nozzle. Also available as an IBC Tote Mounted WWF Pump Package with a choice of 115 V Electric or Air Operated Diaphragm Pump. IBC Tote not included.

Tanks and Accessories

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