A complete line of air operated pumps for
oil, grease, ATF and fluids.

Digital Fluid Control System

A complete DFC system for fluid inventory control can be built by starting with the Model 1060 Control Module and adding the additional components (8” W x 6” D x 4” H).

Digital Fluid Control Modules

Model 1060

Directs one fluid to up to 10 different outlet station locations. 40 watt transformer, surge suppressor, CSA approved, 24 volt A.C. wiring.

Dual Product Module

Model 1060-3

Directs 2 fluids to up to 6 different outlet station locations for each fluid. Running product total for each product. Simple toggle switch for product selection with indicator light for each product.

Impulse Meter

Model 1061

1/2” inlet, measures in quarts. One per fluid pump required.

Model 1062
1/2” inlet, measures in pints. One per fluid pump required.

Model 1066
1/2” inlet, measures in litres. One per fluid pump required.

Model 1071
1/2” inlet, 100 pulse unit, for control master system only.

Fluid Solenoid

Model 1065

1/2” inlet, High Pressure, 24 VAC. One per controlled outlet location required.

Model 1074
1/2” 24 VDC. For w/w, anti-freeze. For Control Master systems only.

Ready Light
Model 1068

One per controlled outlet location required.

"Y" Strainer

Model 1069

With fine mesh filter. Recommended for installing ahead of fluid solenoid to prevent fouling. 1/2” NPTF.

Air Solenoid

Model 1064

1/2”, 24 VAC. One per fluid pump required. Also for use with water base fluids.

Pressure Relief Valve

Model 1063

3/4” inlet and 1/2” outlet

Model 1070 (Not shown)
3/8” inlet and 1/4” outlet (for diaphragm pumps only)

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