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Inventory Control System

Digital Fluid Management and Inventory Control

After ten years of successful service in Europe and over four years of exemplary field tests here in
the United States and Canada, Samson offers Control Master - "the" PC / Windows based fluid
inventory control system. Designed for the modern shop environment, it is de-centralized to facilitate
faster and more efficient work flow. This system provides "instant access" for the technicians
via conveniently located keypads on the shop floor, while continuously monitoring the system and
displaying transactions on the PC at the parts counter or other PC locations. For management, a
completely archived transaction database is always available with simple and intuitive "easy access"
technology. "Control Master" is also capable of stand alone operation (without the PC) using
the on board 2000 transaction battery protected database, printing individual tickets or reports on
either the PC default printer or dedicated 40 column units, dispensing to all outlets simultaneously,
tracking oil usage by numerous parameters and tank levels by dead reckoning.

An advanced fluid management system that allows the dispensing of multiple fluids at multiple
locations simultaneously. Complete management of every mechanic, every vehicle, every drop of
fluid, including waste fluids. A system that streamlines the computer accounting process and
provides management data.

"Control Master - Never Lose A Drop!"

FCSII Fluid Control System
  • Controls up to ten reels per two products
  • Dual fluid per individual FCS System
  • Eliminates the need for either Electronic or Pre-Set Meters
  • Virtual monitoring of tank fluid levels
  • Tank fluid level re-settable to harmonize with deliveries
  • Product selected easily via keypad
  • Stations selected by Rotary Switch
  • Dispense requests can be 'stacked' to save entry time
  • 24 V.A.C. System reduces installation cost
  • Wiring diagrams provided with the FCS System

Digital Fluid Control Modules

Model F.C.S.II
Dual Product FCSII Fluid Control System

  • Easy to use (step by step instructions on panel)
  • Easy to install-reuse existing control handles
  • Plug & Play replacement for DFC systems with minor alterations
  • FCS II System ensures accuracy with invoicing
  • FCS II System ensures usage accountability
  • FCS II System monitors bulk oil tank levels
  • Key lock for security of dispense activities
FCSII Optional Printer will Print all transaction records including:
  • Repair Order Number
  • Transaction date and time
  • Station number
  • Quantity of fluid actually dispensed
**Optional Model 1076 Printer must be ordered

For a complete system of one product to one
station order #1075-2 c/w Monitor, Impulse Meter
& Station Kit.

For each additional station order #1067

Consult your Factory Warehouse for second
product requirements.

RFX Control System One “RF” keypad controls up to 8 fluids and 48 simultaneous dispense outlets. Ticket printer provides written record of each transaction.

“RF” Meter Control Handle with rigid outlet allows designated dispensing. Uses AA batteries, easy to replace.
  • Wireless communications between“RF” keypad controller and “RF” meter handle. Up to 300ft.
  • “RF” system automatically seeks open channels to eliminate any interference.
  • Operator and supervision security levels to determine who may use, monitor, and program the system.
  • Accurate accounting and recording for dispensed fluids. Up to 8 fluids and 48 simultaneous dispense outlets.
  • No hard wiring necessary for installation of system.
  • Ideal replacement for old fashioned hard wired mechanical single dispense systems.

Model 2190

Code No. 2796
“RF” Keypad controller with antenna and ticket printer.

Model 2188

Code No. 1328
“RF” meter control handle with swivel and rigid outlet.

Impulse Meter

Model 1061
1/2" inlet, measures in quarts. One per fluid pump required.

Model 1062
1/2" inlet, measures in pints. One per fluid pump required.

Model 1066
1/2" inlet, measures in litres. One per fluid pump required.

Model 1071
1/2" inlet, 100 pulse unit, for Control Master system only.

Fluid Solenoid

Model 1065
1/2" inlet, High Pressure, 24 VAC. One per controlled outlet location required.
Note: AC solenoids operate in DC systems when installed with correct polarity.

Ready Light

Model 1068
One per controlled outlet location required.

"Y" Strainer

Model 1069
With fine mesh filter. Recommended for installing ahead of fluid solenoid to prevent fouling. 1/2" NPTF

Air Solenoid

Model 1064
1/2", 24 VAC, One per fluid pump required.
Note: AC solenoids operate in  DC systems when installed with correct polarity.

Pressure Relief Valve

Model 1063
3/4" inlet and 1/2" outlet

Model 1070
3/8" inlet and 1/4" outlet (for diaphram pumps only)

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for assistance and support in putting together the proper and complete components necessary for a customized fluid management and inventory control system. We will put together a complete Bill of Materials for you.

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