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"Never Lose a Drop with Samson"
December 13, 2011

Our solutions range from Tank Room Manager (TRM) which provided real time precise inventory for each new and waste oil tank. When used with a PC interface the TRM provides a real time view of exact inventory levels. Each of our solutions allows emailing to designated contacts when inventory levels reaches predetermined levels. Alarm Tech Supervisor (ATS) provides high / low level management of up to four tanks. System will provide an audible level when tank reaches programmed level and can provide email alerts if required. The modular design of the Samson Inventory Management System (IMS) makes it easy to install even the largest of systems, including more than 100 fluid outlets. It allows the integration of complementary functions, such as remote displays, stock level detectors, measuring probes, control access points and the automatic scheduling of any on/off function. The system also supports various methods of file exchange to allow interfacing with various business systems.

New Producut Announcement - DEF Pumping Equipment

RSL Ltd. now offers Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) pumping systems, components, and installation services to serve the needs of our diesel engine and automotive aftermarket clients. More...
"Never Lose a Drop with Samson"

RSL Ltd. is proud to lead the industry in Fluid Inventory Management products. From the simplest entry level console to sophisticated computerized management systems. Samson can address the proper management of both new and used fluids. More...
RSL Ltd. Authorized Hunter Engineering distributor.

RSL Ontario authorized distributor for Hunter Engineering Company. More...